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Yes bank is the largest India’s fifth private bank founded in 2004 by Rana kapoor. It has built an identity in retail, SME banking services, financial markets, corporate finance and wealth management to its credit. Yes bank is the only bank to have awarded Greenfield Bank license by RBI in the last two decades. It deals with home loans, commercial vehicle loans, gold loan, loan against securities, personal loan, and construction equipments.

Today the Yes bank has a network of over 630 branches across 375 cities and 1150 ATMs across India. It has been recognized for its service among the top growing banks in various banks by Global advisory companies. Yes bank is growing as Professional bank of India with a mission of “Building finest quality of the world in India by 2020.

Yes bank offers personal loan to fulfill your immediate needs like giving make over to your home, going abroad with family members, to pursue higher studies and helping friends financially. Since it is all purpose loans, it can be used for any purpose like debt consolidation, home extension, wedding function of family members and buying gold bars. Since personal loan is not backed by any securities like property, home, it carries higher interest rate and solely on the basis of creditworthiness, repaying capacity and job stability of the loan applicant.


Amount of Loan:

  • Prepayment and part payment allowed with nil charges.
  • Loan amount starts from 2 Lacs to 20 lacs.
  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • No guarantor, No security is required
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No collateral required
  • Loans available for various needs (Multipurpose loan)

Personal loan eligibility:

  • Loan applicant minimum age: 25 years
  • The maximum age limit: 58 years
  • Minimum monthly net take home 25000 after all deductions
  • Minimum 2 years of stay at the current residence or at permanent address
  • Minimum total work experience of 2 years with at least 6 months in current organization
  • Personal loan interest rates and charges
  • Personal loan interest rate: 14 to 16%
  • Processing fee 1.5% of the loan amount
  • Prepayment charges: up to 12 months 4% POS
  • No prepayment before 6 months and after 12 months


Documents required for the Personal loan:

Proof of Identity:

  • Government ID cards, PAN card, Driving license and photographs

Income Proof:

  • Last three month pay slips and recent months bank statements

Residence Proof:

  • Ration card, latest phone bill, passport, Voter id containing mailing address.
  • IT returns for the last 2 years

Signature proof:

  • Passport, PAN card, driving license

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