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 Checkpoints Before Delivery
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Checkpoints Before Delivery

Decided to buy a car? It is quite possible that you have done all your research on the type and make of the car you’re about to buy. Yes, it is thrilling to know that you’re about to become the owner of a brand new car. Don’t get so excited just yet, there are some important procedures you will need to go through if you want to ensure a hassle free delivery of your car.

Here’s a look at the various checkpoints to consider before your car is handed over to you:

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that, you need to ask for a pre-registration check-up, because the moment your car is registered under your name, the dealer will not be in a position to replace your car should you find anything amiss.

  1. Get all the relevant papers are in order, and read through them to know if the details entered in there are all correct. Some of these documents include but are not limited to:       a) Car-Insurance      b) Invoice      c) car registration papers or RC book

  2. Take a test drive around, use all the levers and ensure that you are comfortable    driving the vehicle around. Also, take a salesperson from the dealership on the test ride, incase you are faced with some glitch, he might be able to help you out.

  3. It is always advisable to fix the delivery time when there is daylight. This will definitely help with the thorough checking of your car. Especially the colour (whether it was the one you had selected) because sometimes, dealers tend to sell the colour which is not very popular and is not selling easily.

           -  Then ensure that there are no apparent defects or scratches on the external body. Also make sure that the seats are working fine and the interior decoration is what you had paid for.

           -  Give the music system a good listen, test the gps thoroughly

4.   Remember to take someone else along with you, preferably someone who is well      versed with cars. As you know, two pairs of eyes is better than one.

Make sure you get all the required paperwork done, and most importantly read through each and every one of it carefully. You will know exactly what all you can expect as well as not to expect, because those minutely written terms and conditions will what come to play when you are looking to make use of the warranty period or when you are trying to make an insurance claim.

Never travel in your car without the above mentioned documents plus your driving license. It is for your own protection from any kind of legal issues that are bound to arise at times.

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