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 The Best Ever Diwali Offer

The Best Ever Diwali Offer

Come Diwali, come expenditures. It is that time of the year when, the celebrations are larger than life and so are the expenses. This festival season, find out unique ways of saving up and make the most of this holiday. So, straight to the plan of action:

#1 Plan your expenses ahead

- Whether it happens to be clothes, or crackers or even gadgets on sale, ensure you know why and how much you plan to spend for this occasion.

- It would be ideal if you start your planning well in advance: preferable 1 or 2 months in advance.

- Although it is raining offers and sales at all online & offline stores, is that really a motivation to go ahead and buy them? Not unless you are going to need it essentially.

- It is human tendency to fall for the terms ‘discounts’, ‘offers’ or ‘sale’, however is it required? Ask yourself this question before you go ahead on a purchasing fee.

- In fact, it is better to steer clear of the sale time & crowds of the holiday season, and get ahead in all your purchases to ensure a hassle free shopping time. Remember, just because you purchase at a discounted price doesn’t mean you are getting it at the lowest possible rate.


#2 Don’t splurge your bonus

- It is quite common for employees to receive a bonus ahead of the festival season but don’t consider that as a signal to spend endlessly.

- There’s no reason to deplete your bank account just because you can, be wise and know that you are going to need money to survive post the holiday season as well.


#3 Pay off debt

- If you happen to be running loans or have a large credit card bill looming ahead, then you could probably make good use of your bonus by taking the initiative to clear off your debt either in part or in whole.

- Especially if you happen to be running a home loan, you must be aware of the fact that there is no extra charges for part-payment of your loan. So, when you receive your bonus, Even if it means you don’t get to save money right away, paying off your loan earlier obviously means you are saving indirectly, this will not only help in clearing off your loan earlier, but also end in avoiding unnecessary interest paid.

 What can be a better way of celebrating Diwali than paying off your debt woes? Can there be a better offer than the one that lets you save for your future?

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