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 Now Pattas are online

Now Pattas are online

While purchasing an apartment or a piece of land, one of the important documents that is required in the entire transaction is the patta. As an initiative towards better transparency during the entire process of land purchase / apartment buying, the government has started issuing pattas online.

As a first step, close to 4 lakhs land records have been uploaded online, and much more is to come, and these documents will be accessible at the local Taluk offices or government centers.

Going one step further, once the request for pattas are placed, and even after the request has been fulfilled, customers will get alerts via text messages.

The applicants can also track the status of their requests through the website. Once the pattas are released, they will be available for downloading.

This step will definitely help in reducing the number of bogus transactions/ fraudulent activities that is quite prevalent in recent times.

Now let us get a little more insight into the use of pattas:

What is a patta?

It is a document containing land records which is in the name of the existing legal owners of the land.


Is it compulsory for every property owner to have a patta?

Yes, if you are a land owner, you must have a patta as it is not only used to indicate the lawful owners of the concerned property, it also contains the original measurements of the land.

If you are an apartment owner, then a “joint patta” is issued under the name of all the joint owners, although the exact share of each individual is not mentioned.


Where can we obtain it?

The Patta can be obtained from the Tashildhar at the local Taluk Office.

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Priya Rai is a loan consultant.