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Knowledge on Personal loan interest rate

When you are moving the life peacefully, you need to better prepare yourself to face the financial difficulties at any point in time. You have to keep some percentage of your earning as back up to face those difficult periods.  Because you may not know then your friend and family members come to your rescue, we can’t predict to that extent. Personal loan can come as helping hand during those difficult phases of your life. It gives you the boost to manage your financial worries and not to depend on anyone else for help.

Personal loan can be used for any purpose such as wedding functions, emergency expenses, medical expenses, home extensions, credit consolidation purposes as well.

Personal loan is the tool which can be used when you are finally stuck somewhere and you need to repay the same amount with the agreed interest rate.

You need to calculate EMI and strike a perfect deal between monthly savings and other expenditures along with your EMI.

Banks assign a different interest rate to individuals taking the personal loan based on a variety of factors.

Let us have the look on the some of the popular banks and their interest rate on personal loans.

HDFC bank:

Personal loan interest rate:  11.99 % to 20% per annum


Personal loan interest rate: 11.49% to 22.00% per annum

Fullerton India

Personal loan interest rate:  21% to 40% per annum

Tata Capital

Personal loan interest rate:  13.99% to 17.50% per annum

Now you have the clear picture on personal loan interest rate offered by popular banks and you can now apply for personal loan in Rupee Zone, know your Personal loan eligibility now

You can get an idea of EMI using online EMI calculator, for this you need to have the following details:

Tenure of the loan amount

Desired Loan Amount

Your source of income

Interest rate

EMI calculator gives an idea about how much amount goes towards EMI and tenure, Interest rate details.

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