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We at rupeezone are online financial resource for the people looking for personal loan in Coimbatore with best interest rates and flexible EMI options over the specified period of time. With the innumerous online lenders getting the personal loan becomes easy. So choosing the right personal loan product to meet your personal goals can be a quite difficult one and we are assisting people who are finding it difficult to get the personal loan at a decent rate.

Personal is best option, when you need a helping hand in managing your personal finance. Personal loan can be used to cover variety of personal needs for medical emergencies, family vacation and debt consolidation, much more. As it is an unsecured loan, it does not need any collateral like home, car as asset in getting the loan approved.

Personal loan interest rates in Coimbatore:

Interest rates 11.49% to 20%

Loan processing charges: Up to 2.5% of the loan amount, Minimum of Rs.1000

Personal loan factors

If you are using any credit cards, you need to avail less than 30 percentage of total credit available which is ideal for lenders. You are managing credit cards well and paying bills on time, chances are high for getting good interest rate for your personal loan. If people work for multinational companies then banks give them personal loan with best interest rate as the risk factor is less for banks. If you are working on company which is started recently and not famous then rate of interest go up for personal loan as banks look in to stability of company how long they have been?

Personal loan benefits

Multipurpose loan:

Personal loan can be used for any purposes and to get out of your financial Problems & difficulties.

Flexible EMI options: 12 to 60 months

Personal loan interest rate fixed

Though the interest rate varying from person to person based on your profile, credit score and other factors, Interest remain fixed during tenure of loan

Competitive interest rate

No Collateral required

Simplified documentation

Eligibility criterias for personal loan salaried people:

Personal loan eligibility

Age limit 21 to 60 years

Minimum net take home after all deductions Rs: 15000

Total work experience 3 years and above

Current work experience with the organization: Six months and above

Documents needed for personal loan:

Identity proof: Driving license, Voter’s Id, Passport

Address proof: Passport, Ration Card, Utility Bill

Bank statement for last 3months

Last three months pay slip

Eligibility for self employed people:

Age criteria: Minimum 25 to 60 years

Personal loan interest rate for the self employed people varies from 11.99 to 20%

Documents required for personal loan

Identity Proof:

Date of birth proof:

Address proof:

Income proof for the last two years

Last six months bank statements

Business continuity proof

Profit and loss statement

If you have any queries regarding personal loan in Coimbatore, get in touch with us.

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